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12th-Aug-2013 09:53 am - Crowes and Consequences
Only 5 days left!!! Kick in any way you can ($, signal boost, love) - the world needs more magic :)

Crowes and Consequences

and yes, xap need more albums!
5th-Jan-2013 11:59 am(no subject)
a - celtic
Passing along for a trusted friend....


My name is Stephanie Bonvissuto. I am an undergraduate senior at The University of Massachusetts Boston and the principle investigator of a research study focusing on gender identity management during specific gender transition conditions.

Participants should:

* be between the ages of 18-60

* identify as transgender or transsexual (male-to-female or female-to-male) with the intent of undergoing gender reassignment surgery

* have had continuous hormone replacement therapy for at least six or more months

* feel their gender transition can no longer progress due to events outside the scope of their control.

This study seeks people willing to participate in 1-2 hour long interviews regarding this subject. Potential interviewees should:

* be in the general Boston area

* be willing to either meet in the public or private settings which they feel most safe and secure


* be willing to be interviewed online, either vial Skype or email. (Please note that signed consent must be obtained before any online interviews occur. Principle investigator assumes cost of correspondence pertaining to this study’s consent forms.) Please feel free to contact the principle investigator at Stephanie.Bonviss001@umb.edu with any questions, comments or concerns you may have.

Thank you!
For some basics on our programming philosophy & operations, as well as a link to our handy interest survey, please visit our programming page at: http://www.musecon.org/programming.html

Tell your family, friends, neighbors, and of course take a look yourself. Come play with us! :)
28th-Nov-2012 09:53 am - Needs to be shared
boy/girl toy guide
11th-Jul-2012 07:02 pm - Important notice - MuseCon!
NOTICE! the MuseCon room block closes next week. We've been informed that the hotel anticipates selling out that weekend due to Lollapalooza (in Grant Park at the same time as Muse), so book before 7/17 to make sure you get a room!
31st-Jan-2012 07:29 pm - Reminder!
exp - madness or brillance
Capricon preregistration ends TODAY (1/31). It's gonna be an Amazing Adventure; don't be left out of the fun :) www.capricon.org

I'll be running the Cafe again - tasty treats, delicious drinks, readings, music, and general fun :) AND we're having an Open Mic on Thursday (from 5:15p.m.-7:00 p.m.). Music (accompanied or a cappella), spoken pieces, comedy, drama....sign up for a slot and share! :)
24th-Jan-2012 07:53 pm - REMINDER!
a - musecon
There are only a few days left to get your ideas for MuseCon in! If you haven't already PLEASE fill out our questionnaire at: http://t.co/4cxS9UEx

If you'd like to run a program, help others run something, or just assist the programming department in general, we'd love to hear from you!
harpo - goofy
Enjoy going to cons? Want a cheap and easy way to support your favorite convention? Reserve your hotel room today! Well, if the room block is open now grin Seriously, hotels don't generally charge anything or hold funds until you check in, so it won't cost you a dime. However it does GREATLY help out the convention! And sometimes even allows them to offer extra perks. I know many of you are planning out your year so you can request vacation time, etc.....while you're at it, make that reservation :) Not 100% sure? Book your room now, so you don't find out there's no space once things settle :) Your concom (especially the Hotel Liaison) will love you for it :)

Feel free to promote in comments!
11th-Jan-2012 08:02 pm - Attention creative people!
a - musecon
We're hard at work building MuseCon 2, and we need your help! If you think you'd like to run a program, help others run something, or just assist the programming department in general, now is the time to let us know.

PLEASE fill out our questionnaire (even if you think you've sent an email or spoken to someone) at: http://t.co/4cxS9UEx

Something to keep in mind - due to the nature of MuseCon, registration for classes opens 6 months prior to the convention. In order for this to happen we must have proposals EARLY. Submissions for 2012 are only open for 2 more weeks! This is even more important for classes with fees, size limits, and/or special space needs. So fill out the questionnaire today so we can include your ideas in our plans :)

My apologies to those of you who follow me in multiple places; I know you're seeing several copies and appreciate your patience as I spread the word!
30th-Jul-2011 06:54 pm - Deadline!
Pre-reg for MuseCon closes TOMORROW! Buy your badge now to save $20 off at-the-door rates
15th-Jul-2011 02:33 pm - More Musecon
harpo - goofy
(yes, I really need to load an icon don't I? One of these evenings....)

You can now pre-order your MuseCon t-shirt, featuring the awesome Sooj, from Offworld Designs! Ensure you get your shirt in your size :)

*Note* - v-necks ARE available, but orders must be placed directly by phone. They'll still have the shirt for you to pick up at the con.

In other news, the extension the hotel granted for the room block expires TODAY. If you're even thinking about coming (which you definitely SHOULD be!) you need head to http://tinyurl.com/musecon and book your room NOW. Remember - they won't charge you until the con, and if the worst happens you can always cancel up until the day before with no penalties. So costs you nothing, helps the con, and ensures you have space to rest during all the fun :)
5th-Jul-2011 03:15 pm - Important reminder - DEADLINE!
a - xap
Today is the last day to reserve your hotel room for MuseCon! Pre-reg for the con itself will be open for another week or so, but not the hotel block. If you're even considering attending (which, by the way, you definitely SHOULD be!) you need head to http://tinyurl.com/musecon and book your room TODAY. They won't charge you until the con, and if the worst happens you can always cancel up until the day before with no penalties. :)

Hope to see you all there!

Yes, this is one of the things eatting my brain & time these days....definitely not the only, but a big one. And one of my favorites. Gonna be awesome guys! Yes, working on writing up more too....really! Meanwhile - not dead yet :)
21st-May-2011 07:31 am - LINKY! :)
exp - madness or brillance
Nope, still not an update :) But in the meantime I can entertain many of my friends while showing you how awesome another friend is :) Because I do adore our sooj :)


28th-Jan-2011 12:52 pm - Project complete! Thanks all!
a - workpost
We have the lead sheet! The wondrous Matt H in the Sing Out offices sent me a .pdf a few minutes ago so we wouldn't have to worry about slow mail, or expensive shipping :) My magazine's still on the way, but x1 should be all set for competition now :)

In addition to the definite thanks I owe Matt, I also want to thank all of my friends - not only have you put up with my incessant droning about it, but you've also done your own digging, and offered suggestions and tips and leads and...

Thanks folks! :)
28th-Jan-2011 08:51 am - Another request
a - workpost
I've been advised by counsel (specifically Eric & Keris) that there's software out there that allows one to take an mp3/music file and create lead sheets, etc. x1 does have a program at school, but that only creates sheet music from input on a (piano-style) keyboard; this is apparently something different.

Do any of you have this kind of program? And a bit of time to do a conversion? I can supply the file - just let me know format and email.


FYI - We did find a lead sheet source - it was published in Sing Out magazine vol 29#3 (pg 53 iirc) and the backissue is ordered; however currently looking like it will be in way too late. Also investigating inter-library loan, but again hitting the time-crunch problem. So still trying for quicker options so my mag order can be a backup
24th-Jan-2011 12:48 pm - Help? Sheet music search
a - workpost
Having severe, repeated google-fu failure after being misinformed & let down by our local music shop too....hoping one of you will have better luck/ideas/etc.

Need a source for the vocal SHEET MUSIC for the "Chemical Worker's Song" by Ron Angel

It's sometimes also known as "Process Man" or "The I.C.I. Song" and an extremely popular version was done by Great Big Sea....

Note - We have the lyrics & sound files (several of each actually); this is for a formal competition so it must be actual sheet music.

Anyone? Will take any hints, tips, ideas I can get!
20th-Jan-2011 07:58 am - Job board
a - workpost
While I'm pretty sure none of you currently looking are looking for these sorts of things, a) I could be wrong and b) you may know someone who is...so figured I'd share today's email.

Regarding a hospitality supplier in Vernon Hills, IL (US)Collapse )
15th-Jan-2011 10:17 am - Memeishness...
a - sheep
From [personal profile] amadi

1. Go to the Random Article page on Wikipedia. Whatever comes up is the name of your band.
2. Go to the Random Quotes page on QuotationsPage.com. The last few words of the fifth quote down are your album title.
3. Go to the Creative Commons (By Attribution) gallery page on Flickr. The image fourth from left on the third row down is your album cover. Be sure to note the photographer's name!
4. Go to a photo editing site or use your favorite editing program, and make up that album cover!

Thanks to nSeika, Tenang Railway Station's most ambitious album to date - Secret of SuccessCollapse )
21st-Dec-2010 05:41 am - YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a - birthday
Happy birthday to the wondrous ericcoleman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17th-Nov-2010 10:00 pm - WANT!
exp - wicked talia
Seanan (with help from friends) has turned one of my favorite songs into a lovely poster. I can't get one right now, but you totally should!

Not only survived the weekend, but had a fabulous time. Working on a report that may actually get posted, but this is not it. This is simply a Shiny Should Be Shared report.
exp - wicked talia
To date I've not had to deal with harassment at cons; not even my first where I knew very few people and spent a decent portion on my own. I'm also quite lucky in that I have a lot of friends, and a good circle that really knows me, so would quite easily be able to spot problems even if I suddenly decided I couldn't be vocal about it.

Not everyone can say this. Which sucks (and we all know that it sucks, and agree that it's wrong, though if you don't you need to leave now. So we're not going to discuss or debate that part). Jim Hines has compiled a list of resources to address this issue within SF/F communities - both pro & fan.

DW: http://jimhines.dreamwidth.org/91995.html
LJ: http://jimhines.livejournal.com/537825.html
Gen web: http://www.jimchines.com/2010/11/reporting-harassment/

Please share these. Make a note; while we'd all like to hope they're never needed, we also know reality isn't there yet. Hopefully increasing support and vocalization will speed up our arrivel though.
26th-Oct-2010 12:43 pm - Sharing....
a - workpost
Went to run errands at lunch today (including picking up costume pieces for x1)...heard a brief conversational snippet that must be shared

2 young ladies in the Halloween store:

"Why do you like men in kilts so much?"
"Duh! They're hot!" (really? it was a valley-girl sort of duh. Kinda odd)
"Definitely!....but why?"
- the incredulous but emphatic response?
"um, really?? Who cares?! HOT!!!!!"

Yes, I find I must agree *grin*
25th-Oct-2010 12:55 pm - Thought…
exp - filk fandom
Thank you to Cat Faber for clarifying something for me

xap rambles about filk and language a bitCollapse )

Filk is the musical folklore of science fiction/fantasy /fandom. And I'm again grateful that it's a community I'm a part of.
a - workpost
Pretty sure just about everyone on these lists is a reader. Most are also collectors/aquirers/etc. But do you get your books signed? Why? Just to collect the autograph? Because it can be a good way to meet an author? Maybe even have a chance to actually chat with them? Because it makes the book more valuable? (For those - do you get things signed specifically to sell? Want the value-increase for your own? Or just figure if/when you decide to sell it'll give a nice boost?). Because your friends do and hanging out in line together can be a fun activity?

For those that aren't "autograph hounds"/straight collectors, and don't plan to sell - do you want/need more than one per author? Why?
Do you still collect from authors that are also friends? Why - because it's easy? Good for their ego? Or just for the same reasons as for authors you've not met? Does being friends with the author impact the number of requests you make? Are you more or less likely to want every book in the series signed, etc….Tell me about your book-signing habits :)

Authors - you're invited to weigh in twice :) In addition to the above on your habits when getting things signed, how do you feel about being asked to sign things? How about multiple requests? Talking here about the polites ones - not the guy with the mega-stack that wants quick signature only and gets ticked if it's a "# only" type of event; the one you know is just looking to make some bucks (which I'm told can be both flattering and obnoxious…but you know the motivation there). But the quiet fellow that comes through the line with his small stack of #, then gets back in with a different stack of #, seeing how far through his collection he can get in the timeframe without taking chances away from others. That sort - do you eventually wonder why he wants your name so many times on books that you can tell have been read and re-read and aren't going to be anyone's idea of valuable collectable…just his to keep? Obviously he's already had the chance to meet you. Or is it just flattering knowing that you have that sort of fan?
Do your feelings change when it's someone that you know? Are you happier to sign extras for them? Or worried that they're just trying to boost your ego because they're your friend? (note: this is not 'arranged' things, especially for newer authors - if you've asked them to come and hang out and try to make it look like you have some fans because you're worried about event attendance…well, obviously you know why they're there *grin*).

I've heard interviews where authors say they wish that people wouldn't come up to them with a name and "write whatever you'd like!" because, well - that gets to be a drain if there's a lot of signings. I've also heard that "dictated dedications" can feel 'cold' or like it's a signature factory. Thoughts? Note: I know post-its with name spelling can be quite helpful; thinking more along the lines of requests for something other than "To xap, from Jim."

Are there behaviors at signings that make you cringe inside? Things you wish people did more often? Besides buy lots of your books, of course *grin*

And if you DON'T get books signed - why? Active decision or lack of opportunity? Is it just something you're not interested in? Or are you against it? (and, of course, why?). Yes, want your opinions too

I know, I know - Monday morning and I'm asking you to think :) Teh horrorz :) I'm still looking forward to what everyone has to say....
a - workpost
Prompted by various conversations (& a request, and maybe-plans)....

Disclaimer - suggestions should be applicable to machines running WinXP (obviously general discussion will be of whatever's used by you)

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